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The LiiP, S1, E20, Amrit Santhirasenan, CEO, Co-Founder, Hyperexponential

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast.

In today's episode, we were lucky enough to be joined by Amrit Santhirasenan. Amrit is Co-Founder and CEO of hyperexponential or HX as it's affectionately known.

HX is the company you get when you take 2 actuaries with computer science degrees and they find the software landscape lacking! HX provides software solutions for insurance companies with their flagship, next-generation modeling platform, Renew.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Creativity in actuarial science

  • Why open-sourced solutions are by nature better – many minds make light work

  • Googling solutions is a good strategy!

  • Knowing where to look is as good as knowing.

  • Good documentation is a competitive advantage

  • How the tech stack of old insurers hinders their tech teams

  • HX started because Amrit kept waiting for someone to solve his tech problems – they didn’t so he had to do it

  • The parallels of starting a business and starting a family – plug for Amrit's excellent podcast “start-up dads”

  • The gritty reality of start-ups – you HAVE to want to do it. But it can be fun

  • As co-founders how do you decide who has what role?

  • We discuss my “less than average” leadership skills

  • The value of every component of the business – a business as a system and striking binmen!

  • Why take investment?

  • The huge importance of trade backing and referrals for a new business

  • Bootstrapping – is it useful?

  • How the CEO works for the team, not the other way round!

  • Sales teams – when to hire one? Do you need one if the product is strong enough?

  • How the new digital insurers have a huge leveraged advantage – new tech – no legacy

  • CTO roles at legacy insurers are not incentivized to change

  • Culture drives change and insurance suffers from Fiefdoms

  • How it's legitimate for profitable insurers to resist change – it's working why change it!

Thanks to Amrit for being a great guest

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