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The LiiP, S1, E19, Sasha Gainullin, CEO, battleface

Welcome to the latest edition of the leadership in insurance podcast where we joined by Sasha Gainullin.

Sasha is the CEO and Founder of battleface a tech-enabled travel insurance and services business offering truly international, customized travel cover.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Where the "battleface" comes from and why it's not more "travel friendly"

  • How travel has changed and hence the insurance cover must change with it

  • The unique demands on the travel claims process

  • Why he secretly buys travel insurance for his mum!

  • How the affinity insurance model of distribution can have a dangerous impact on cover

  • The opportunities and challenges of Covid19 impact on travel insurance

  • The fundamental challenge of how travel products are rated and marketed

  • We shouldn't be afraid of price-sensitive markets - consumers will pay for quality

  • Culture of mistrust between consumers and travel insurers - the impact of the "admin fee"

  • Why we must empower client-facing staff to make decisions

  • How can innovation come from C-Suite if they are the mots removed from customers?

  • Funding an Insurtech - and the impact of the Pandemic

  • Working with the right partners - "marriage should be easy" a lesson from Sashas Aunt!

  • How the virtual Xmas party went down - why he got asked to "shut up"

  • The importance of being Human!

Thank you to Sasha for being a great guest.

Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond

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