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The LiiP S1, E17: Peter Clarke, CEO and Founder, Insurercore

Welcome to the latest edition of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast. In this episode, I was lucky enough to be joined by Peter Clarke.

Peter is CEO and Founder of Insurecore. Insurercore is a professional networking site exclusively for Insurance practitioners helping improve the market's inefficiencies and encourage networking in a more professional context.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Micro-social media networking sites and why Linkedin isn't fit for purpose.

  • How a social networking site doesn't replace face to face meetings but enhances the relationship

  • How the pandemic and increased working from home has enhanced the need for social media

  • Why Insurercore couldn't have been built by someone from outside the market

  • The nuances of the market and the knowledge aren't being shared - a network is a way of doing that

  • Peter selling his house to launch a start-up when he had just been promoted!

  • The challenge of launching a platform - chicken and egg

  • Your assumptions aren't always correct - the audience dictates how they like to use it

  • The democratization of opportunity - the importance of enhanced networking within that

  • Better networks mean more business

  • Culture biggest prohibitor of change in Insurance

  • The cost base of Lloyd's shows how resistant to change the market is - it hasn't changed for 50 years

  • Technology should enhance the best parts of insurance Innovation is challenging everything you do - even your scanning!

  • By the time you "earn the right" to have your say you are often indoctrinated into the insurance market - this inhibits change

  • Fail fast isn't useful unless you are learning and find out why you fail!

  • Getting feedback from clients is key to success BUT... they are not always right!

  • The secret to successful change - keep trying new things

  • Training on systems - shouldn't they be intuitive enough?

  • Using platforms vs fully utilizing platforms

  • The importance of non-execs - filling the gaps in your knowledge

Thanks so much to Peter for being a great guest

This podcast was brought to you by FinPro an executive recruitment business that works in the Insurance and Instech space

Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond.

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