• Alex Bond

The LiiP, S1, E16, Dickie Whittaker, CEO, Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

In today's episode, we are joined by the brilliant Dickie Whitaker

Dickie has a portfolio of businesses and ventures he is involved with but in this episode, we focussed on his work with Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

In this episode we talk about:

  • The reason to start a business - find a problem large enough to solve that people will pay for it

  • Why "we have always done it this way" is the very reason to change "that way"

  • How important diversity - in all forms, create brilliant teams

  • How startup teams are not created equal - and how that's good.

  • Why team structures should be fluid European vs US start-up psychology (Huge sweeping generalization warning!)

  • What does innovation mean?

  • We hear why Dickie is uncomfortable about Innovation teams in companies

  • Why culture is everything and why we can be so bad at articulating it within Insurance

  • Why "work hard, play hard" needs to be replaced with "work smart, play......how you like!"

  • The pandemic has shone a light on the "last person in the office" culture of office work

  • The importance of collaboration in the industry to innovation Collaboration starts with trust

  • The role of insurance in society and its unique position to impact society

  • Collaboration can't just is volunteers it needs rigor and structure and the best talent!

  • The best people don't always or don't often volunteer! (Open goal for a recruitment professional!)

  • The benefit of blissful ignorance in building anything

  • The importance of looking forward as opposed to looking back

Thanks to Dickie for being a great guest - a really enjoyable discussion.

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