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The LiiP S1, E15, Frank Perkins, CEO, INARI.IO

In this week's episode, I was joined by Frank Perkins who is CEO of INARI.IO

INARI.IO is an Instech operating out of Barcelona. They offer a next-generation insurance platform, they digitize and virtualize the different things that happen in the life cycle of risk.

In this episode we discuss

  • Startups are not for everyone - creativity is as important as hard work

  • How the people that join at inception may not be the people to necessarily take you to completion

  • "Is the juice worth the squeeze" Insurance is big enough to have many problems to solve but is it a big enough issue

  • Insurers cannot tackle small problems - Instechs can

  • Innovation can be any change that creates value

  • The insurance culture of the fast follower can inhibit innovation

  • Fresh eyes to insurance are important but regulation requires insider knowledge

  • We should always be asking how change or innovation impacts the customers

  • We need to tackle each point of innovation to make things better in the aggregate for the commercial customer

  • Restrictions of regulated businesses and the MVP tech model

  • Insurance isn't broken

  • Connected technology is key to the future success of insurance

  • How connectivity between technologies is key to progress and also how consumers will judge tech

  • Buy vs make - the shift of mindset over time - integrate vs make job roles in insurers

  • Cost vs Risk with buying or making tech

  • Teams are built on skill, luck, and serendipity

  • The best definition of Innovation so far - "slightly rounder wheels"

Thanks to Frank for being a great guest - I mention the Star Wars background - you can see this on the YouTube channel so go check it out.

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