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The LiiP S1, E14, Antonin de Benoist, COO & Co-Founder, Allphins

In the latest episode of the leadership in Insurance Podcast, we were lucky to be joined by Antonin de Benoist.

Antonin is the COO and Co-Founder of Allphins a SaaS analytics and exposure management tool for the insurance industry.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Antonin's entry into the insurance world from the world of finance

  • How do Co-founders decide who takes what role? COO or CEO?

  • Station F Paris incubator campus set up

  • How important start-up "campus" ecosystems are for new businesses for visibility Bootstrapping vs external capital raising - why do it?

  • Benefits of running lean

  • How working on Oil and Gas projects gave visibility of how insurers were underutilizing their data

  • The importance of Insurance companies knowing what they don't know

  • Impact of the Lloyd's lab - the importance of being able to ask the stupid question

  • Culture of insurance and how positive it is towards a new start-up

  • The importance of natural language processing to enabling AI in insurance

  • How AI isn't replacing underwriting its enabling better decisions

  • The Lloyd's lab experience and how it isn't your typical incubator - it's much more practical

  • What was surprising about Lloyd's as a market to someone who was from outside the market

  • The sales cycle challenge for start-ups: long, slow does not help with cash flow

  • What they learned in the energy sector and how it might apply to other insurance lines Impact of awards on the visibility to investment capital

  • The drain on resources of a small when trying to raise investment Impact of the pandemic on Allphins growth and development

  • The technological debt built by the pandemic and the opportunity for Instech businesses.

Thank you so much to Antonin for being a great guest and spending time with me in a very busy year.

Congratulations to Allphins on their success to date and we look forward to seeing what they achieve in 2021.

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