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The LiiP S1, E12, Nik Suhr, CEO & Founder, Kasko

Welcome to the latest edition of the leadership in Insurance podcast with Nik Suhr

Nik is the CEO and founder of Kasko. Kasko is a business that provides Insurtech as a service.

Kasko principally works with Insurance and digital businesses to help them create digital insurance products or services.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Insurtech as a service What is an Insurance "product"

  • The technical debt in the insurance space created by COVID19

  • How innovation can be an excuse for action

  • How innovation must have a measurable ROI Insurance is a fast follower business

  • How Intrapreneurship is better than innovation as it implies responsibility

  • Why make or buy is a meaningless argument

  • How legacy needs to be taken off the backs of innovation efforts to make those efforts successful

  • Why most innovation labs have failed against expectation

  • Acknowledging that consulting is easier than doing

  • Working out which data points to listen to Innovation can be toxic if not validated

  • Value means someone wants to pay for it!

  • Insurance: is it a capacity play vs technology play

  • Insurtech cant get away from underwriting discipline

  • How it may look when Amazon enters the insurance market

and much more - this was a really enjoyable podcast and Nik was great fun, not afraid to tackle some issues that often get missed.

This podcast was brought to you by FinPro an executive recruitment business that works in the Insurance and Instech space

Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond

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