• Alex Bond

The LiiP Podcast : S1, Ep9, John McCllelland, CEO and Founder, MiBroker

Welcome to the latest edition of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast - The LiiP. I was lucky enough to be joined by John McClelland of MiBroker. MiBroker is an on-demand insurance product that caters to the "gig economy" workforce. John was a member of the Lloyd' lab and was kind enough to arrange a call with me. This conversation is the first time we had ever met and we just dived straight in.

In this conversation we talk cover a range of topics to include:

  • Learning new skills outside of insurance led to opportunities within Insurance

  • The rise in on-demand insurance

  • Customer demand being the "right way" to build insurance businesses

  • How consumer journey in any industry is viewed via personal buying experiences and how commercial experiences don't seem to catch up

  • Why we won't see true disruption in insurance

  • How innovation should bring in new business to the insurance market not simply carve profit from existing markets

  • The short term view of insurers and how it can sometimes contradict the willingness to innovate

  • Value of Lloyd's Lab and collaboration with experts in digital insurance

  • The start-up scene in Canada and virtual meeting burn out

  • The benefits of virtual meeting and the one to one environment: how it drives efficiency

  • The informal nature of face to face meeting and how we lose opportunities in virtual rooms

  • Businesses growing in the "new normal" by adapting and evolving their service

Thanks once again to John for being part of the LiiP podcast and we look forward to watching his journey

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