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The LiiP Podcast, S1, Ep2, FJ Smith, Executive Coaching and Insurance

Season 1, Episode 2 - to prove it wasn't an accident we are here with another episode!

Welcome to the second episode of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast "The LiiP" In this episode, I am very lucky to be joined by FJ Smith of Clearview with FJ


FJ has a long history with the Insurance market and was previously head of Recruitment for Lloyd's of London before retraining and making a career for herself as an Executive coach and latterly as an Empowerment coach (this was a new term to me too)

FJ is someone I have known a very long time, she is funny, engaging and very direct which is a huge part of her appeal as a coach!

In this episode, I wanted to tackle what an Executive coach is, what they do and who should have one? We covered much more than that.

We talked about:

  • FJ's first-hand experience of getting a coach whilst at Lloyd's of London

  • What FJ felt she gained from having a coach that inspired her to retrain as a coach

  • How to find the right coach

  • The stigma attached to coaching

  • Why everyone should have a coach and how we should now view coaching as something just for senior executives

  • When is the right time to get a coach? (JFDI - you will learn about this acronym by watching)

  • The 5 Gremlins everyone has that coaches work on

  • Graduate experience of insurance

  • Who is coaching for and who it isn't for

  • What makes a good recruitment process

  • The most common flaws in internal recruitment function

  • The importance of empowerment and much, much more.

This was a great podcast and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure you will too.

To find out more about FJ please contact her on Linkedin.

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