• Alex Bond

The LiiP Podcast, S1, E6, Mike Minett, CEO and Founder, Portabl

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I really enjoyed this one. Mike is someone I have "stalked" on social media. The reason I am interested in Mikes story is that he has done it before! What I mean is that he has built and sold a company within the insurance environment. That's the goal for lots of want to be or existing Entrepreneurs and its hard to achieve, here is a man who has done it.

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Portabl an Instech company in the gig economy space. This is the second time we have had a guest operating in this niche. The reason being its not a niche but a chasm and unfortunately as Covid19 causes more job losses we will see an increased number of gig economy workers.

Mike is a really engaging, great guy. We cover the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, his near-misses and his wins. We talk about how to build teams and how you need different teams at different points in your company journey.

If you are at all interested in entrepreneurship or the Instech landscape then this one if for you.

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