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The LiiP Podcast - S1, E7, David Hughes, CEO & Founder, Mulberry Risk

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LiiP)

This is a brilliant chat with David Hughes https://www.linkedin.com/in/dapahughes/

David is CEO and Founder of Mulberry Risk which is an Analytics and Actuarial Consultancy to the MGA space https://www.mulberryrisk.com/

David was very open and honest as a guest - even sharing us the secret of what he was hiding in the background of his recording!

In this we talk about:

  • His professional rugby career - ditching this for life as a pensions actuary

  • Getting early inspiration from working with legendary Insurance entrepreneur John Charman

  • How simple it should be to keep people happy

  • How the alumni of some successful businesses have an oversized impact on the insurance business

  • The Importance of stepping back to go forward

  • People as catalysts in your career

  • How important speed is to innovation

  • The appeal of the MGA market in its entrepreneurial

  • The risk of a rate rise to the MGA model

  • The reputation of the MGA in the mind of underwriters

  • The importance of making your capital fungible for a capacity provider

  • MGA vs MGU - American carrier relationships vs UK carrier relationships

  • Flexibility in MGA model thrived in a lockdown environment

  • What makes a successful Insurtech?

  • Simplicity the key to successful insurance solutions

  • How great businesses come out of the customer journey and customer focus Is your niche big enough for the investment?

And much more in between.

This I a really interesting chat with an engaging founder with a great business concept.

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