• Alex Bond

The LiiP Podcast, S1, E4, Marco Del Carlo, CEO and Founder, Capacity Place

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Another great guest and another great Instech idea.

Marco Del Carlo has created a concept so simple that I sat there staggered no one had ever thought of it previously. Marco has created Capacity Place - a market place concept where he brings together those seeking capacity with capacity providers in a secure and transparent way.

This is a great concert and Marco was a great guest. As is becoming a theme for Instech founders Marco has a varied path en-route to this latest venture. Marco is a Canadian who fell in love with the glorious inefficiencies of the Lloyd's market. We talk through his journey into entrepreneurship with an MGA, getting the right partners in business, creating a shared vision, realising when you have "THE" big idea and how you execute on that idea.

This is a good one - please take the time to watch or listen

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