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The LiiP Podcast - Ep 11, S 1, Tautona AI - John Holdsworth and Philip Cooper

In the first podcast of the year, we get stuck into all things Ai and all things claims by speaking to the team from Tautona AI in South Africa

I have a bit of a soft spot for claims as it is where I joined the insurance industry many moons ago.

This was a fun conversation with the first guest pairing as I was joined by both: Philip Cooper and John Holdsworth.

We covered lots of ground and also had the first guest screen share (well played John)

We talked about:

  • How natural language processing was the evolutionary step required to make AI in claims possible

  • How AI is a tool for claim professional, not a replacement

  • Artificial intelligence in claims is a route to fairness for both insured and the insurer

  • AI as not just a cost but an offering of better service in claims

  • Claims as a differentiator

  • The different challenges faced in different geographic insurance markets to the claims process

  • The value of Lloyd's lab experience and the power of the "alumni" badge to open doors

  • Why focus on claims when applying AI techniques

  • Why claims professionals get frustrated and how AI may help them be happier in their work

  • The under-representation of claims professionals in the board room

  • How new entrants are making claims the corner-stone of their offering

  • The Psychology of insurance buyers: How we set the rules - do one-click purchases mean we should offer one-click claims?

  • Faux-mation and the dangers of applying this to claims

and obviously much more in-between including the first (unbelievably) postman interruption during the recording!

Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond

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