• Alex Bond

The LiiP, S1, E21, Ron Glozman, CEO, Chisel.AI

In this episode of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast we were joined by Ron Glozman

Ron is the CEO and founder of Chisel AI a purpose-built AI-led solution for the Insurance market

In today's episode we talked about:

  • How creating an app for students to study more efficiently led him to the insurance market

  • How the evolution of NLP created the opportunities in insurance

  • How AI and machine learning can create better jobs for people in the insurance

  • The talent gap in the insurance market – more people retiring than joining.

  • We discuss how the cost-saving of Ai will be utilized? Better products? Cheaper products or shareholder value? Is there a moral imperative?

  • Does insurance do a poor job of attracting new entrants to the insurance market?

  • Should we focus on the change and innovation of insurance to get more people interested in joining the insurance industry?

  • Not all AI is created equal? How so – Ron explains to the layman….. me!

  • Off the shelf vs bespoke – both have uses but we need to understand the limitations.

  • Where is insurance on the automation spectrum? And where will we be in 5 years!

  • How machine learning can aid knowledge transfer Insurance stage of evolution vs banking

  • The macro challenge of education for new businesses

  • Is the speed of change hindered by human resistance – could you let go of the wheel in an autonomous vehicle?

Thanks to Ron for being a great guest

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