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The LiiP S1, E13: Paul Prendergast, CEO & Founder, Blink Parametric

In the latest episode of the Leadership in Insurance podcast

I was lucky to be joined by Paul Prendergast. Paul is the CEO and founder of Blink Parametric.

Blink is a delivery platform that allows insurance industry partners to create parametric solutions.

In this wide-reaching conversation we talked about:

  • Why Blink runs towards the "fires" solving solutions

  • How parametric solutions reduce the unit cost of insurance

  • Embracing technology to give greater visibility of risk

  • How starting with the end customer can be the wrong approach - blink start with the underwriter

  • Insurance as a social good - we sometimes forget that

  • Why the MVP (minimum viable product) cant work in the insurance space

  • All businesses as technology companies

  • Despite frustration with the speed of change, there is a huge passion, intellectual capacity, and scale in the insurance industry

  • The secret sauce in startups - complimentary teams - Tech is key but it must have sales

  • Why sales is such a dirty word in the technology space

  • How attitudes of successful Instech startups in 2021 are different to 5 years ago - less adversarial Impact of social media on insurance

  • Insurance is cool - Insuring Elon Musks' rocket!

  • New entrants to insurance don't grow the market unless they solve a new problem or offer a different solution Innovation is about culture, not projects and process

  • How the size of the team impacts innovation

  • What's to stop insurers from being the AWS of insurance platforms

  • Technology first - how incumbents are held back by required regulatory technology changes

  • Innovation in insurance comes from unexpected places

and so much more.

Thanks to Paul for being a great guest - I probably had 4 people tell me I had to Paul on the podcast as he is a true innovator and forward-thinking tech and insurance entrepreneur and he didn't disappoint.

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Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond

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