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The LiiP Podcast, Jonathan Shapiro, Co-Founder, Optalitix, S1, E26

Welcome to the latest edition of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast.

In this week's episode, we were joined by Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan is Co-Founder and Director of Optalitix.

Optalitix is an artificial intelligence and data company that works across several verticals of which Insurance is just one so this was an excellent opportunity to talk about AI in a broader context - how are we in the world of Insurance shaping up against other sectors?

We had a great conversation and covered many topics to include:

  • Being in AI in the 90s

  • Life of a serial entrepreneur and his winding road to insurance

  • Tolerating “actuaries”

  • It's not just insurance that still is obsessed with spreadsheets

  • How data if not communicated is worthless: Data needs to be operational.

  • Do we take tech innovation for granted?

  • Which industries are coping better with data?

  • The benefits of lab and incubator setups for introducing new to the industry

  • The scope of the value chain – where are the most data wins?

  • The impact of how a business structures its staff that work in data dictates the impact

  • Can data teams become blockers rather than enablers?

  • Start-ups vs Incumbent Insurers: where are there the biggest data wins?

  • How "doing" is sometimes more important than planning: Fast fail culture

  • The importance of data-savvy leaders

  • What can you do to best embrace change in data management and use?

  • The importance of being able to communicate the WHY? of your data strategy at a leadership level

  • Are the leaders we elect in traditional insurance businesses fit for the future? Can an Insurance professional lead a business in a digital/data world?

  • How new ideas are crucial to business growth

Thanks to Jonathan for being a great guest

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