• Alex Bond

So I Launched a Podcast! Season 1, Episode 1 Naby Mariyam, CEO, Coverhero

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I appreciate everyone is doing it these days but I wanted to start a podcast focussed on what it takes to lead an insurance business in today's marketplace.

Not wanting to just deluge the podcast with Instech startups I have invited a real mix of industry veterans, Instech leaders, psychologists, executive coaches, MBA course leaders and anyone else I think can add value to leadership in the insurance workplace.

The first episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Naby Mariyam who is the CEO and Founder of Coverhero. Coverhero is an Australian based Instech that launched their first product #hustlecover this year which offers insurance to the growing gig economy workforce.

Naby is a serial entrepreneur and has a fantastic story to tell. Naby was brave, she was honest and she was willing to talk to us about everything that it takes to launch an Instech in today's market.

I really enjoyed this chat and I'm sure you will enjoy listening or watching it too!



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