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FinPro supports Underrepresented Writers!

It's not often I talk about personal causes on LinkedIn as I feel there are better platforms for that but... I'm excited to announce my first not-for-profit partnership with Untitled Writing.

Untitled was set up 2 years ago to amplify and help tell the stories of underrepresented writers which includes those from socio-economically marginalized backgrounds, LGBTQ+ Writers (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer), Black Writers, Asian Writers, and those from Minority Ethnic communities, Working Class Writers as well as writers with a disability

I feel society is richer for the diversity of voices we hear in the Arts so I wanted to work with Untitled to help increase the accessibility to their events.

Untitled have their 2 year anniversary on April the 22nd which is a live online event with readings from a diverse array of writers plus an array of literary-inspired prizes. Tickets are free so if you like the literature of any description please attend.

FinPro managed to support the event by providing closed captioning and a British sign language interpreter - it's a small contribution but it's a start.

I would love to see some of you there - if you have any interest in writing or creative expression I think you'll enjoy it

#diversity #inclusion #society

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