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About Finpro

We find hidden senior talent and build teams for next generation insurance and Insurtech businesses. We build insurance businesses by finding the talent to help you grow.

We started in 2015 serving the UK Insurance market. Since then, we have delivered assignments to clients in 11 countries and now divide our time between the UK, Europe and the USA.

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Our Vision and Mission


To help create a fairer, more innovative insurance industry with greater diversity and a better representative workforce.


FinPro is on a mission to educate, entertain and inform as the content-driven recruitment partner of choice for the insurance ecosystem's most innovative companies.


Leadership Search

The identification of exactly the right person for your business. The right person is very rarely looking. They are the hidden talent and its our job to find them.

Project Based Recruitment

We help you design, build and launch new teams or businesses by providing you the best recruitment and talent management strategies for your project.

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Alex Bond
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